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Information on the Grand Monastery Pamporovo

The Ski Resort of the Grand Monastery Pamporovo is a 4 star luxury complex made up of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom self-catering ski apartments.

The resort is dominated by the Snezhanka tower found on the Snezhanka peak. In the winter this can be accessed via the ski chair lift Studenets 6 at the mid ski station which is just a short walk from the Grand Monastery complex (100 mtrs). In the summer there is a road that allows access for cars. Studenets is also the area from which you will find many ski schools giving you a good choice when booking skiing lessons and ski hire.

Here you will also find husky sledge rides, sledges and Skidoos for hire. There are a number of traditional Bulgarian mountain type restaurants also. For additional restaurants & grocery shops you can wonder into Pamporovo (3km). Pamporovo can be accessed by walking, a combination of walk and ski lift or an easy 5-minute drive by car. There is also a local bus route that can be found near the road entrance to the Grand Monastery.

Holiday Seasons at the Grand Monastery

The main holiday season is winter ski season. The official skiing season starts around 20th December and lasts until mid-late April.

Although the Grand Monastery Pamporovo is mainly targeted to winter ski holidays and activities, there is also plenty to do in the summer. Summer activities include; nature trails, gentle walks, trekking, horse riding, mountain-biking, off-road trips, quad biking, mountain river fishing and paintballing to name a few.

Additionally there are many other activities and local attractions to see such as; natural hot springs and caves. The Devil’s Cave being the most famous. There are also many others to see.

Location of The Grand Monastery Pamporovo

The Grand Monastery Pamporovo is situated 250 km south east of Sofia which is the capital of Bulgaria (3hrs drive by car). 85 km south of Plovdiv (approximately 1 hr 30 min by car). 15 km north of Smolyan (20 min by car), and 10 km south of Chepelare (15 min by car).

Each one of these towns has public transport to and from The Grand Monastery Pamporovo by way of bus.

Weather around the Grand Monastery Pamporovo

As the Grand Monastery resort is situated in Pamporovo, it has an exclusive climate that although plenty of snow, it actually has a mild winter in comparison to other ski resorts throughout Europe.

It averages around 120 sunny days during the skiing period and is often referred to as the sunniest ski resort in Europe. The average air temperature rarely drops below -3 ° C.


The Rhodopean Mountains of Pamporovo

""The impressive Project “Perelik” is the new modern face of Bulgarian tourism. This is proved by the use of the best contemporary architectural and construction practices as well by the combination of the authentic Rhodope architectural style and the most up-to-date and environment-friendly technologies. The resort will be the greenest on the Balkans.

The Rhodope mountain range is located in the south-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula; its highest summit is Mount Perelik (2192 m). Over 83% of the mountain stands on bulgarian territory and the rest is in Greece. The Rhodopes are among the earliest formed mountain ranges on the Balkans.

The border between the Rhodopes, Rila and the Pirin mountains is carved out by the Yadenitsa River valley, the Yundola Saddle, Avramov’s Saddle, the Dreshenets River and the Mesta River valley. The northern slopes of the Rhodopes are significantly steeper than the southern where the mountain gently settles itself down onto the plains of Aegean Thrace. Due to certain geographical peculiarities, the Rhodopes have been divided into two parts – Western (high), and Eastern (low). The division between these two parts is drawn by the rivers Kayaliyka and Borovitsa. The average annual temperature in the Eastern Rhodopes is 12-13°?, the maximum of rainfall is in December, and the minimum is in August. The Western Rhodopes cover a territory of 8732 sq. km., and the average annual temperatures reach between 5°? and 9°?.

The nice climate coupled with other factors is favourable for the development of tourism. The microclimate thus established enables a thick snow cover to be preserved for a long period of time – a veritable paradise for skiers."" (quoted from the Perelik Project website)

During out-of-ski seasons Pamporovo and the surrounding area are ideal for walking and treking and off-road trips, horse riding, nature trips and photographic opportunities and places of interest up in the mountains can be arranged through the Manager at the Grand Monastery.

"" In ’The mountains of Orpheus’, as some call the Rhodopes, at the feet of Snezhanka peak, lies one of the oldest Bulgarian resorts – Pamporovo, founded in 1933. Its name derives from the Old Bulgarian word “pampor”, which means “caravan”. According to legend, the trade caravans from the White Sea to south-western Thrace passed through Pamporovo. A local landlord, who built winter shelters for the caravans, was called Pampor, and his lands Pamporov’s. So, to this day, the name of the area remained Pamporovo.

This is the only resort where the lifts work during the summer. All year round tourists can choose between rural tourism and sports activities: bowling, tennis, archery, mountain-biking.

It is easy to reach the nearby holiday resorts, Progled, Momchilovtsi, Gela and Stoykite, and the ethnographic complex, Shiroka Laka. Another attraction is the Bachkovo monastery, the second largest and most significant after the Rila monastery, and Narechenski Bani, with its mineral and medicinal springs. One of the places of interest in the ‘Mountains of Orpheus’, as some call the Rhodopes, are the lakes of Smolyan. There used to be about twenty, but now there are only seven left, dispersed in picturesque locations over the whole valley, from the Orpheus cliffs to Smolyan itself. The most familiar are the lakes Trevistoto (The Grassy), Bistroto (The Limpid) and Matnoto (The Turbid).

The most interesting place for tourists is the panoramic bar of the Snezhanka tower, at 2,030 m above sea level. When the weather is clear, you can view plainly the whole resort and all the ski-trails from there. To the south is the Smolyan terrace, and in the distance is the outline of the Greek part of the Rhodopes. To the west the Golyam Perelik peak and the village houses of Gela and Stoykite can be seen, and a panoramic view to the Rila and Pirin mountains opens out. To the north is the ridge of the Stara Planina mountains, and to the east the Rozhen Plateau, the dome of the National astronomical observatory and the hills of the Eastern Rhodopes.

Of course, Pamporovo is associated mainly with the magic of winter. There are more than 150 winter days, and the mantle of white is often more than two metres thick. You can ski and snowboard from the end of November until the end of April. The ski-pistes with the highest level of difficulty are at Snezhanka peak (Studenets), Snezhanka 3 and Snezhanka 4. Several ski-runs and mini-drag-lifts are available for novice skiers. Some ski-runs around Snezhanka peak and the shooting range in the Yazovira area are built for lovers of the ski-run and the biathlon. ""(extract from bulgariaproperties website)